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Padcev Injury Lawyers

Padcev is a prescription drug approved in 2019 by the FDA used to treat cancer of the bladder, kidneys, pelvis and urethra – typically administered via an injection.  

Why is Padcev Dangerous?

Chemically known as enfortumab vedotin-ejfv, it began to bear a warning label in July 2021 that promoted toxic epidermal necrolysis / Steven-Johnson syndrome as a dangerous side effect. 

To make matters worse, drug-induced injury can occur after a single dose of the drug.  With a full two years on the market before a warning label was even affixed to the box, there remains a large amount of victims who may have unknowingly suffered from this condition.

What Kinds of Bladder Cancers Were Treated by Padcev?

The most common of all bladder cancers is Urothelial carcinoma, also known as transitional cell carcinoma (TCC).  Padcev was approved in 2019 to treat some patients with either metastatic or locally advanced urothelial cancer (also known as mUC).

As it would be a full two years before a warning even appeared on the box, many patients unknowingly suffered these adverse side-effects and may not have known that they were entitled to compensation.

What is Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or SJS?

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is a rare but deadly skin condition. A person who suffers from this condition may be left blind, disfigured, or even dead.

SJS symptoms include hives

Also known as toxic epidermal necrolysis, this condition causes blisters, severe rashes, and often causes the skin to separate from the body.  Once the lesions affect more than 30% of the body – this condition is typically diagnosed, and victims need to be treated in the Burn Units, or Intensive Care Units of hospitals.  The mortality rate of this can be as high as 60%.

Is Stevens-Johnson Syndrome the same as Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis?

These two conditions were once thought to be separate diseases, but they are now considered the same disease – though with different levels of severity.  

Both of these conditions begin with flu-like symptoms that over the course of a few days begin to develop into a rash which very quickly leaves large painful areas of open lesions.

The extensive and permanent damage to mucous membranes and the skin’s natural barrier is what leads to this turning quickly into a life-threatening disease.

What Should You Do If You Know A Loved One Was Prescribed Padcev?

Many hazardous medical and pharmaceutical products can cause damage years after a victim has received a medical procedure or been prescribed certain medications. The best way to know for sure is to call our team of experienced product liability attorneys and learn about what our team can do to get you the justice you deserve.

At McEldrew Purtell, we have over 30 years of experience in litigating dangerous drug and device cases. We take all claims on a contingency basis, and will only charge you attorney fees if we are able to obtain financial compensation for your losses. 

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